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US Census 2000 - Demographics

As of the census of 2010, there are 1,856 people, 809 households, and 477 families residing in the town. The population density is 311.4/km (805.3/mi). There are 983 housing units at an average density of 143.8/km (371.8/mi). The racial makeup of the town is 57% African American, 38% White, 2% Native American, 0.3% Asian, 1% from other races, and 2% from two or more races. 2.6% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race. The average household size is 2.42 and the average family size is 3.12. The population is spread out with 26.6% under the age of 18, 35.7% under the age of 25, 55.9% under the age of 45, 83.1% under the age of 65, and 16.9% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 39 years. The population is 55.8% female,

The median income for a household in the town is $25,871. The per capita income for the town is $14,687. 33.5% of the population and 28.2% of families are below the poverty line. Out of the total population, 54.5% of those under the age of 18 and 17.2% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line.